Contactless car rental technology
with AI sales

Did you know?

Every other customer
spends more than 30 minutes
at car rental queues and counters

Up to 40% higher
contract negotiation results
can be achieved with AI driven tech

The Product

For car rental companies
  • looking to offer contactless customer service (COVID-19)
  • with queueing problems and wait-times
  • engaged in replacement business
  • looking to expand their network
  • with unfavourable business hours

The solution
  • A fully online rental process, integrated to your existing IT platform
  • Customers will create their own rental agreements at their own time
  • AI-based sales process for ancillary revenue
  • No app downloads or registrations required

  • Enhanced and stabile ancillary sales
  • Cost savings on salaries and facilities
  • Less issues with staff recruitment, training, turnover, performance and shift scheduling
  • Higher customer satisfaction ratings
  • Banking-grade security
  • reduced physical contacts (COVID-19)

Helping you adapt your business for post-COVID-19 reality

About us

Pelle Kongo, CEO

A Hertz Country Manager in 2009-2019. Has 15+ years of experience in the car rental industry. An expert in revenue management & ancillary sales.

Marko Mänd, Product Development

Marko is a veteran gaming industry entrepreneur, an expert in behavioural design, and an avid traveller.

Rasmus Piho, CTO

Rasmus is a full-stack software developer with over 20 years of experience building apps for web and mobile platforms.


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